Program History

With the help of volunteers across the country in the past twelve years the program has exposed more than 100,000 women to the game of golf. These women have been able to raise over $5.4 million towards the fight against breast cancer. With your help, we can get even more women involved in the game of golf and help to create a future without breast cancer.

Testimonials from past Event Coordinators

“Our golfers love to take part in our Ladies Open because of the affiliation with Golf Fore the Cure. We have grown every year both in numbers and in dollars raised. Thank you for your structure, support, prizes, and national sponsor support.”

“Golf Canada has been so supportive and helpful with respect to organizing our event. We are ALL in this fight together for our Friends, Sisters, Mothers and Daughters, and it is great to know Golf Canada is behind us all the way!”

“You may be wondering why a male would be writing a testimonial for breast cancer…I hosted two Golf Fore the Cure events last year and they were so well received that I’ve been invited back to host them annually for the Ladies’ nights season windups! When I asked the over 200 participants if they knew someone who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, almost every hand went up (including mine). Men are also affected indirectly by the suffering of their grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins. I’m pleased to be championing this worthwhile cause and I hope to continue to increase the publics awareness of this disease”

“We held a Golf Fore the Cure tournament at Caledon Woods last year in honor of two of our members that had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.  Unfortunately one of our friends passed away in January of this year.  We all need to do everything we can to truly find a cure so no one else has to suffer this tragic loss! Our experience in dealing with Golf Fore the Cure was great!  All of our questions were answered promptly.  The participants were thrilled with the prizes and did a great job in fundraising!  We are looking forward to holding another tournament this year”

"Running a Golf Fore the Cure Event is so rewarding and you don't need to start by holding a huge event. I started the program at my club three years ago and we had 35 women just from our club attend. The next year it grew to 55 women and last year everyone made sure they extended invitations to friends and we had about 75 women playing either 18 holes or 9 holes.  It is such a rewarding experience to see all the women come into the club house after their rounds, wearing their pink hats and smiles on their faces knowing they had contributed to such a great cause and had a fun day on the golf course, regardless of their golf skills. I urge someone at every club to decide to run a Golf Fore the Cure event and watch it grow into a wonderful celebration of women and golf!"

"Our 2009 Golf Fore the Cure tournament is all set to go and once again we have a sold out field.  We would like to challenge all women to organize and participate in a Golf Fore the Cure event – you will not be disappointed by the amount of laughter, friendship and sense of pride that comes from organizing and participating in a Golf for the Cure Event.  There are no words to express the thrill we all feel when we tally up the monies raised for this cause – big smiles, tears and confirmation that we’ll all be back for more next year.   Come on ladies – pick-up the challenge -  together, we all can make a difference.“ 

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